MixMyGranola.com went LIVE!

Hello World out there!

Here comes MixMyGranola.com – the site that allows you to customize your own granola!

It’s 4am in the morning and we finally took the site live after months of hard work and planning. We are super excited to have come that far, but now the work really starts:

Tomorrow we will present MixMyGranola at Miami’s Breast Cancer Walk which attended by nearly 40,000 people. If you will be there and want to try our delicious granola – look for our promotion team!

If you have any feedback regarding our site or products – please email us at info@mixmygranola.com. We really appreciate your comments!

Andreas, Matt & Raoul


2 Responses to MixMyGranola.com went LIVE!

  1. boris says:

    fantastic and delicious product. this is exactly what I waited for!!!

  2. Michelle Herauf says:

    So happy and proud of how far you’ve come up to this point!!! Wishing you an abundance of success… Thanks and I am looking forward to MyGranola “Erries Nuts & Smak”

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