Daily Grommet featured us “Mixed with Love”


Still trying to cook up the perfect Valentine’s Day plan? Well, if nothing says love like breakfast in bed, nothing says true love like a personalized granola blend on top of that breakfast tray!

That’s right. MixMyGranola will throw together a custom, all-natural, 16-ounce blend according to your specifications that lets him know you remember he hates raisins, loves Craisins, and adores all things chocolate! Just go to the site, choose a granola or muesli base, and layer in all your loved one’s favorite things. It’s that simple.

Founded by a trio of friends who realized that their ideal cereal blend just wasn’t available in stores, MixMyGranola offers lots of ingredient options for the tough to please: from dried mango and roasted hazelnuts to gummy bears and wasabi peas!

With more than a billion variations, you’re sure to find just the right match for your mate. You can even name the blend with your favorite cutesy nickname (which makes reordering a breeze).

You’ll have him at “Good morning.”


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