Tell us your Perfect Summer Granola and Win a $25.00 Gift Certificate!

Summer is coming and we need your help! We are looking for a special summer Pre-Mix and want you to tell us what would be in YOUR Perfect Summer Granola!

Here is how it works: Go to and have a look at our delicious ingredients. Send us an email to and tell us which granola base and which ingredients you would want in your Perfect Summer Granola.

We will randomly pick one entry and are giving away a $25.00 MixMyGranola gift certificate to the winner! But the best thing is: We will post the summer granola creation on our Pre-Mix Page as the Perfect Summer Granola so other MixMyGranola fans can enjoy it too (of course with an acknowledgment of the granola creator!). Sweepstakes end this Friday, May 15th at 12pm EST and the winner will be announced on our MixMyGranola blog.

So get going and create your Perfect Summer Granola at!

Good Luck!

Andreas, Matt and Raoul


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